14 Little Known Facts About Favorite Tourist Destinations

Travel to Italy now. Best European destinations through the summer.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the coins that tourists throw in fountains to return to their favorite city? Or what were the statues from Easter Island at the beginning? Or does Fuji really look like we saw her in the animations?

It turns out that there are numerous facts about some of the most interesting sights that we have never imagined. We present you 15 fun stories related to your favorite tourist spots.

The Trevi Fountain is cleaned every night. 

Tourists throw so much into it that it needs to be cleaned regularly. For example, in 2016 were gathered approximately $ 1.5 million and were donated to the Catholic Church.

Eiffel Tower has a wife.

Eiffel tower in Paris and other remarkable sights and tips for a trip to France.

Erika Labre shows interest in the Tower for 3 years, then marries it and becomes Erika Eiffel.

A Gothic Wonder.

The Statue of Liberty has Greek feet.

The most famous landmark in New York, The US - Statue of Liberty.

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the index finger should be longer than the thumb. The Statue of Liberty has exactly such feet.

Chinese wall has different plants.

The beautiful nature of China and Chinese wall - unforgettable Asian landmark.

Pollinating insects cannot fly over such a high wall, so genetically heterogeneous populations of apricots and Chinese dates have formed on both sides.

The Hollywood sign was rescued by Alice Cooper.

The Hollywood sign is an American landmark and cultural icon which you don't have to miss.

For many years the inscription suffered from vandalism and one of the letters "O" was almost completely destroyed. Rock musician Alice Cooper, who constantly shocked the audience, fixed it with his own money and launched a public campaign to restore it.

Sagrada Familia has its own saying.

Sagrada Familia and an amazing excursion to Europe and Spain.

The Catalan saying "When the Sagrada Familia is complete" means "Never", "Another time" etc. The Cathedral was started in 1882, and now 138 years old it is still unknown when it will be completed.

The tower in Pisa stands up.

What to see when you visit Italy with family? The tower in Pisa is a favorite landmark.

Experts from the University of Pisa have found that since 1998, its slope has decreased by 4 centimeters. This is the result of the work to strengthen the soil beneath and around the tower.

Authorities are removing the Charles Bridge lanterns.

Thousand gas lamps were in Prague in 1940. Charles Bridge, best journey to Czech Republic.

Although complete electrification of the area was completed in 1985, the gas lanterns were returned to the Charles Bridge. Officials decided they were better suited to Prague's historic appearance.

Machu Picchu's stones are not connected.

Machu Picchu in Peru - one of the most incredible landmarks in the World.

Although Machu Picchu was built hundreds of years ago in an area where earthquakes regularly occur, the city has survived to this day. And this is a true architectural marvel because the Incas did not use cement. They have deliberately left gaps between the stones so they can survive longer.

The Taj Mahal is deliberately built inclined.

India is historical and cultural destination for each age - Taj Mahal

All minarets are tilted about 10 centimeters in different directions. It is thought to be a measure in the event of an earthquake so that they do not fall on the temple but next to it.

The heads had eyes.

Who want to visit one of the most beautiful Islands on the world? Easter Island!

Although we are used to seeing Easter Island heads without eyes, the beginning looked different. Their eyes were made of white coral and black obsidian or volcanic pumice stone, but over the time they have wiped off.

The Japanese draw Fuji wrong.

Mount Fuji is what you have to see with your eyes - Amazing Japanese landmark near Tokyo.

The main mountain of Japan has quite gentle slopes, but most artists depict them as steep and impregnable. In addition, there is no snow at the top of Mount Fuji in July and August, while he is always present in the paintings.

Golden Gate Bridge is served by 38 artists.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California is another sight you must visit in your trip to USA.

The 2737m long bridge (Silicon valley in San Francisco) requires regular repainting due to corrosion and requires a lot of paint. A special team of 38 artists is hired to work.

There are private properties in the London Fortress.

Landon Fortress and private properties inside, which you can visit in a trip to England, Europe.

Although the ancient fortress is first and foremost a popular museum and treasure trove of the British Crown, it also has private apartments. This is where the staff who serve the building live, and when honorable guests arrive, they can stay for a few nights.