The Asian Treasures Seoul, Hong Kong And Macao

The pearl Seoul

Visit Asia, travel to Seoul, the pearl of South Korea.

Our first stop reminds you of the past and the future, immersing you in an inexpressibly beautiful atmosphere! Feel the pulse of the bustling capital of South Korea - the captivating Seoul!

Apart from being one of the world's largest cities, the Asian treasure hides a number of stops, which you must always keep in mind during your visit.

The attractions of Seoul.

Unforgettable Seoul tour - Blue House Gyeongbokgung Palace and National Ethnographic Museum.

Start the unforgettable Seoul tour of the Blue House - the official residence of the president. Continue by visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace, located in the heart of the city. This picturesque palace is the first royal palace built in 1395 during the time of the Joseon dynasty. Today you can find the amazing historical exhibits of the National Folk Museum.

National Folk Museum - best places in Seoul.

If you are a fan of shopping and want to delight your loved ones with a gift from Seoul, then your next turn will surely be Guangzhou Square. There, besides a number of shops, you can also enjoy many museums and monuments of culture.

Unforgettable experiences, that you can try in Seoul.

If you are fond of the exciting experiences, then you can visit a traditional workshop for producing amethyst jewelry. Follow the entire process of magnificent crystal from the very beginning to the finely finished jewel.

To immerse yourself in Seoul's traditional culinary delights, visit the Kimchi Culinary Academy and find out what an incredible taste of kimchi dishes is. It is a proud representative of Korean cuisine and consists of fermented vegetables and various spices. It is believed that the longevity and beauty of the Koreans are due precisely to kimchi and its benefits to the human body properties.

Lotte World is Korean version of the world-famous Disneyland and best amusement park.

Bind your visit to Seoul with an unforgettable day at the Lotte World, the amusement park, considered the Korean version of the world-famous Disneyland. Its considerable size ranks it among the world's largest attraction parks, and its enclosed part has a Guinness World Record for the largest indoor amusement park.
Its open area, or as the locals call the "Magic Island," is an artificially built island, emerging in the center of a beautiful lake. You will fall in love with his enchanting image, walking around the well-kept gardens
In addition, in Lotte World, you will find a number of opportunities to increase your adrenaline to some of the many attractions. Have fun on his fabulous ice rink or visit the famous Folklore Museum, collecting many miniature village patterns.

The Magic of Hong Kong

A trip to Hong Kong with best landmarks to visit.

The next Asian treasure that we'll tell you lies on the shore of the South China Sea! Get ready because Hong Kong will charm you with its fascinating look!
The sights, hidden in the territory of Hong Kong.
One of the main attractions of the city is the majestic Mount Victoria. Start your tour of it, you can be sure you will be captivated by the magnificent panoramic view of Hong Kong!

The majestic mount Victoria and the remarkable view in Hong Kong.

And once you enjoy the scenic landscape, you can head to the Aberdeen Village (Ap Lei Chau). The charm of the place lies mostly in the cozy floating houses and the wide variety of local fish restaurants located along the harbor.

A trip to Nan Lian Gardens - Kowloon Walled City Park.

Explore also Kowloon Walled City Park and the enchanting Nan Lian Gardens. They are designed by the Tang dynasty and fascinate their many tourists with their water elements, trees, hills, rocks, and beautiful wooden structures.

The Fascinating Macao

The fascinating Macao - your journey to Asia and most popular sites.

At the end of our tour through Asia, we will introduce you to the city of diversity, combining its once mystical image with the colors of a number of pubs and casinos! Welcome to Macao - "The Mecca of Gambling", also known as the "Asian Las Vegas"!

The global destination Macao - hotels and casinos.

The two faces of Macao.
Macau is one of the richest cities in the world, attracting a huge tourist flow with its lights. The two faces of the city are extremely contrasting. On the one hand, here you can find valuable historical finds, and on the other - forget about everyday life in one of the many gambling halls.

St. Paul's Church and Leal Senado Square in Macao - part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Macau's historic center includes about twenty-five wonderful historical monuments and public squares. In 2005, they became an official part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.
During your visit, take a look at the ruins of St. Paul's Church and Leal Senado Square. Almost all buildings rising in the square are protected monuments of culture and are a valuable part of the town's heritage.
To feel the other face in the place, take a look at the famous Venice casino. The place will impress you with its considerable size, ranking it in the list of the biggest casinos in the world.
Continue your walk to the old city walls. In the past, they were part of the city's military defense network. Before you say goodbye to the exciting life in Macau, take some time for the A-Ma Temple. It is the oldest temple in the city, and on its territory, you will be able to enjoy immense peace and peace.

A-Ma Temple in Macau, the oldest temple in the city.