9 Amazing Places You Should Visit In Malaga, Spain

Amazing view and places in Malaga, Spain.

Today we will show you the most interesting places in Malaga, a tourist center, a large Mediterranean port and a capital of the Autonomous Province of Andalusia.
These places are very photogenic - most of them are abundant in color, and some have unique panoramas, places where interesting photos are taken without being a photographer. However, every trip goes away, but the photos are what brings us back in time and place and reminds us of the emotions we have experienced.

Cathedral of Malaga

The unforgettable Cathedral of Malaga - you should visit  it in your trip.

Malaga is a city worth more than a day or two to explore, and the cathedral occupying a large part of the city center is one of the places that can not be missed. It has been built for a long time, between 1528 - 1782 and it is very beautiful and impressive. It's not easy to grab the entire cathedral in one frame because of its huge size and surrounding buildings that are close to it, but even fragments of it look good.

Bishop`s Square 

The Bishop square in Malaga - day trip to Malaga, Spain.

Next to the cathedral is the Bishop's Palace and in front of it a pompous square with the same name. The square is surrounded by the cathedral, the palace and several other colorful buildings, and an interesting fountain in the center.

The narrow streets in the historic center

The narrow streets in historic center in Malaga. Cozy and unforgettable place.

Around the cathedral is the old part of Málaga, where you can stroll along interesting narrow streets, especially glamorous and lively evening hours.

Roman Amphitheater

The roman amphitheater is another place to visit in Andalusia.

Another landmark in the center and the oldest is the Roman amphitheater that was built in the 1st century.

Plaza de la Merced

Malaga is the birthplace of the great Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. The house where he lived was turned into a museum. It is located on the Plaza de la Merced - another interesting square with colorful buildings.

The Picasso house in Malaga, now a museum is a popular tourist destination.

In the 8th century, Spain was conquered by the Moors, whose rule continued until the end of the 15th century. Undoubtedly, this long presence leaves a big footprint on the development and architecture of Spain, with Malaga not staying away. At that time the city was an important shopping center.
From these times are the two Moorish castles - Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, which rise on a high hill in the center.

Alcazaba: Fortress Castle

Alcazaba castle is one of the amazing landmarks in Malaga, Andalusia.

The castle was built by the Moors at the end of the 8th century on an ancient Roman fortress around 756-780. It can be seen the fortress walls, part of the magnificent gardens, some of which with fountains, and the buildings with interesting decoration. There is also a museum exposition.
The walls, the buildings and the gardens are colorful enough and they suggest beautiful footages, but perhaps the most impressive are the photos with beautiful panoramic views that are found.

The Gibralfaro Castle

One of the best sights in Malaga, Spain in Gibralfaro fortress castle.

A little higher up the hill is Gibralfaro Castle, built in the 10th century. The two castles are linked by a promenade. Gibralfaro can also be reached by bus.
From it, there are even more impressive panoramic views, as it is situated higher and can be walked along the fortification walls.
We will finish with two places outside, but very close to Málaga. Both of them seem to be emblematic.

Nerja: The Balcony of Europe

The Balcony of Europe, Nerja is an incredible resort town in Spain.

The first of these is Nerja, a resort town located about 67 km and 1 hour east of Malaga.
In the center of the town is the Balcony of Europe - a terrace overlooking the sea with beautiful views.

Ronda: The New Bridge

The new bridge in Ronda. An impressive town with remarkable views.

Ronda is a town located in the canyon - the Tajo Canyon. It is about 100 km and an hour and a half west of Malaga. The most impressive landmark there is the New Bridge, built to link the two canyons to the end of the 18th century. There is plenty to see there, so we recommend that you dedicate at least one day to Ronda.