8 Myths For The Different Countries We Still Believe

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We are accustomed to creating the impression of countries in the world from what we see in movies, news and friends' stories.

Few people think films are fiction, the news is biased, and one week's vacation is too short to get an objective view of a foreign country.

On this occasion, we present 8 myths to countries that prove to be wrong.

China is the most densely populated country

A landscape in China - travel to Asia for new experiences.

China is indeed the country with the largest population, but it is not the most densely populated country. Countries like Germany, Italy and even the Moscow region are much more populated. The fact is that besides the huge number of people, China also owns one of the largest territories in the world. About two-thirds of it is occupied by mountains and deserts.

The Japanese watch only Sumo

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People massively know Sumo is the most popular and popular sport in Japan. It turns out that is not exactly the case. Although Sumo is beginning to gain popularity, baseball holds the first place in the country of the rising sun.

Indians are Buddhists

Religion in India and Asia. Best places to visit in India.

More than 80% of believers in India profess Hinduism. Islam comes second, while Buddhists account for less than 1% of the population. Almost all of them live in the northern areas near Tibet.

In England raining the most 

Best sights to visit in London, UK.

Of course, it is not possible to identify the UK as a dry place, but it does not matter much. In some regions of the island, it is really damp, but there is less rainfall in London than in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Everyone in the UAE is rich

The UAE indigenous population (United Arab Emirates) is usually wealthy. But about 85% of the people who live there are immigrants. Even among the Arabs living in the UAE, more than 2/3 are visitors from neighboring countries. Immigrants occupy the majority of positions in the state. Computer professionals and managers can afford to live well, but ordinary workers sometimes live in conditions that are bordering on misery.

Rio de Janeiro is the capital of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro was indeed the capital of Brazil for nearly 200 years, but in 1960 the capital was transferred to a new city - Brazil.

Spaniards loving to watch bullfighting

They are still held regularly in many Spanish cities, but their popularity among local populations is low. Much of the show's fans are tourists. The Catalan Parliament even banned bullfighting in the region, including in Barcelona.

Australia is an eternal spring

Excursion to Australia through the winter. The perfect trip to Sydney.

The majority of the Australian population lives in the southern part of the country in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and others. For example, in Canberra, the temperature through the winter regularly drops to almost 0 ° C. Besides, most of the continent has mountains covered with snow in the winter.