7 Reasons To Visit The Bahamas

The Bahamas - Exotic destination that everyone wants to visit.

Exotic and distant islands are a dream for every traveler, but distance and price are often a barrier. Not everyone has the opportunity to spend more than their time and money to make such a rest.

However, if you have decided to pamper and try something new and different, we offer you several reasons to head to the Bahamas. A Caribbean vacation can be a cliche, but it is not by chance that these islands are used as a reference to an exotic and dreamy experience.

Eternal summer

There is practically no inappropriate moment or season in which you can not enjoy the hot sun rays and the great weather. You can safely head to the islands during your summer vacation or during the cold winter days to escape the bad weather.

The forecast is good all year round, and the only changes in weather conditions are seen in the middle of the year when only for a month or two there are overcasts, which rarely last long.

Water sports

The best Bahamas island and crystal water beaches of the Caribbean sea.

Of course in such a place, one of the main activities for locals and visitors are the water sports. Crystal waters of the Caribbean offer the perfect conditions for the purpose.

You can enjoy a variety of water activities such as surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, diving, jet skis, stand up paddle boarding and much more. If you do not have the skills and equipment you need, or you want to try something new, you will find instructors for the purpose to offer you and learn adrenaline lifestyle.

Besides guaranteed fun and workout, such sports can help you get to know the beauty of the underwater animal and plant world that is truly amazing in the islands. The Bahamas is the third largest coral reef system in the world.

Rich history

Unlike famous tourist destinations that are artificially created to attract more visitors, the Bahamas feature an extremely rich history. That is where Christopher Columbus's ship first reached in 1492.

Instead of reaching India, as the expedition planned, the most famous explorer actually found himself on the island of San Salvador. Monuments, museums and statues perpetuating the historical moment can be seen in many places in the area. Exactly Columbus gives the name of the islands.

Hundreds of destinations in one

You can draw inspiration from the famous explorer and "conquer" new lands, circling the islands by boat or ferry. The Bahamas are actually an archipelago consisting of about 700 islands, some of which are even uninhabited.

The most famous and visited place is the capital of the Bahamas Nassau, but it is definitely worth exploring the smaller and lonely islands, each of which is unique in its kind. Among the most interesting things you can see is the island of pigs Pig Beach, where you can swim with the unusual grumbling sea dwellers. Or Harbor Island, whose sand has a unique pink color due to the overlay of the remains of thousands of pieces of coral and shells.

Different entertainments

Junkanoo festival in The Bahamas - Travel global destinations with family.

The entertainment provided by the Bahamas is far from exhausting with sport and beautiful natural and sea views. Annually, large carnivals and festivals are held in Nassau to attract thousands of visitors.

Visiting the Bahamas will not be complete if you have not attended the Junkanoo Summer Festival. This is a way to merge with the locals and have fun sincerely. You will see glamorous clothes and impressive dances.

Harbor Island is fully transformed. There are wild street parties, colorful parades, and music performed by famous local bands.

Junkanoo carnival is the embodiment of the local culture, tradition and art. In the days around Christmas and New Year, the streets are filled with dances, colors, costumes and smiling people. Besides entertainment for tourists, Junkanoo is a tradition for locals who have long been prepared to show off their skills during the holiday.

Another major event in the Bahamian calendar is the annual PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Poker Tournament, which gathers thousands of poker players at the beginning of the year, just days after Junkanoo. This is one of the world's most famous tournaments.

Shopping therapy

As a popular tourist destination, the Bahamas abound in many shops, markets and small merchants offering a variety of goods to buy for memories of these unique islands. You can turn shopping not just into shopping, but in a whole experience.

A unique cuisine 

Delicious local cuisine in the Bahamas islands.

Gourmets lovers will definitely appreciate Bahamian cuisine. It is an interesting combination of South American cuisine and Caribbean tastes that dominate the spicy seafood. Of particular interest are the mollusks, crayfish and oysters, which can be prepared in different ways and added to almost any dish.


Medieval monastery in mount Alvernia in the Bahamas islands.

Cat Island is one of the famous Bahamas. He is the most beautiful and fertile of all Bahamas. The total area of ​​the island is about 272 square kilometers. There are two main statements about the name of the island. One is that the island is named after Arthur Catt - a famous navy captain and pirate. The other is that when the English visited the island in 1600, there were many wild cats.

In addition to the white-pink beaches, the turquoise sea and the wooded hills, you can visit the medieval monastery that is built into limestone rocks by Father Jerome. There you can indulge in meditation. It is located in Mount Alvernia, the highest point of the Bahamas. A curious fact is that one of the ingredients of the liqueur Campari was taken to Italy from this island.

The island has a harbor and two airports.