Borneo - In The Footsteps Of Wild People

For centuries, the area of ​​the jungle, now called "Sarawak", was closed to outsiders and avoided for fear of the inhabitants of the "wild Borneo people" with cannibal inclinations.

Travel to Sawarak in Borneo. Amazing jungle rain forests.

Its exotic rain forests are what most people imagine when thinking about Borneo, and the common long homes where the famous savages once lived, today are welcoming tourists for overnight stays.

Gunung National Park in Malaysia.

Go back in the footsteps of the fearsome tribes, partly with a long boat on the Baram River, partly with a short hike through the dense jungle. Organized trips to the Sarawak Cavity, the largest cave system in the world, located in the Gunung National Park - 27 interconnected caves and 103 km of passages have been discovered so far.
You will only visit selected areas, and you will stay to see how the bats that inhabit them leave them in the evening for dinner. Gifts and food are given to the leader of the Iban tribe, in whose longhouse you will be quartered for the night.