Sleeping In A Floating Bungalow - Khao Sok National Park In Thailand

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Overnight in a floating reed bungalow is one of the most memorable experiences on which you can enjoy in Thailand. To experience it, head south to Khao Sok National Park, not far from Krabi, where an hour's boat ride through Cheow Lan Lake is waiting for bungalows in the middle of the jungle.

Cheow Lan Lake is actually the largest artificial water basin in Thailand. The bungalows are quite ordinary - they consist of a mattress, clean sheets and mosquito net on top. Nothing else is needed when you are in the middle of the jungle.

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The most magical moment comes after sunset when the otherwise unusually quiet jungle wakes up and you start to hear all the sounds of the nearby trees, shouts, jingling - according to our tour guide, "beetles in a breeding season".

The bungalow swirls gently in the water as if you are in a swing, and lightly puts you to sleep. Before going to bed, do not forget to look at the night sky - here the air is so pure that it will seem to you that for the first time in your life you see so many stars magically reflected in the crystal waters of the lake.

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How to get to Khao Sok? You can travel by night train to Surat Thani and then take the local bus, but keep in mind that the train is usually sold out for days ahead. For a slightly higher price, take a direct transfer from Bangkok, Krabi or Phuket (local transport agencies organize bus and coach rides to take you to that part of the park where all the hotels and hostels are located).
Floating bungalow nights are part of two-day tours organized by any hotel or hostel in Ko Samui, both in advance and on site. The cost of the tour is about 75 USD per person, including transport from your hotel, meals, overnight and tours in two caves.