Rio De Janeiro - Sun, Carnivals And Beaches

Travel to Copacabana - the best place in Rio de Janeiro.

If you imagine Rio only with heat, carnival, and football, you definitely have to visit this wonderful Brazilian city. At your disposal are 150 neighborhoods, each of which is characterized by its own features. The annual carnival, known as The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, collects the entire international mix in the country and the continent.

Carnaval in Rio best summer trip to Brazil.

The historic monuments and centuries-old culture have found a place in the city center. Explore the City Theater, the National Museum of Art, the National History Museum and the National Library. There are also beautiful examples of religious architecture, such as the Sao Bento Monastery. You can visit the popular beach Copacabana or the quaint Brazilian lagoons which are to the north of the city. The beach is 100 km long and is a magnet for tourists, celebrities and everybody who loves the sun, cocktails and the uninhibited ocean views.

Juice Rio what to drink in Rio.

From the beginning, you will feel the smell of warm coffee. But the coffee is far away from the drink with which you can begin your journey. You will certainly be addicted to guarana juice - a fruit, grown in the Amazon jungle or chilled milk of coconut.
The national drink is caipirinha - a cocoa cocktail (sugar cane distillate), lemon juice, sugar, and ice. For the Brazilians there is no time and place for a cup of caipirinha, so do not think too much about it, but do as the natives and you will experience Rio in the most genuine way!

Cuisine and food tips in Brazil.

In Rio, you will forget about all diets! Not only that the dishes are delicious, but they are so cheap. The restaurants in Rio are divided into fish and meat, and they work on the same principle: there is a huge block table full of salads, soups, and sauces, choosing how much and what to put in the dishes. Fish and meat restaurants are a real attraction. The waiters fight to serve you, and the portions and spits are worthy of the greatest confectioners. Free beer included and all for no more than $ 30 per person!

Shopping travel Rio de Janeiro.

Rio will become the beloved city of every woman for the simple reason that it is said that diamonds here are the cheapest.