Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Life In Norway

Surely you've heard a lot about the country from northern Europe, Norway, but learning new things is always useful.
Here's what we never suspected about Norway.

Norway royal family. King Herald and queen Sonja.

Typically, members of royal families are obliged to marry only with other royal heirs. However, King Harald of Norway has vowed not to marry another woman if he does not allow him to marry the daughter of a clothes retailer, Sonja Haraldsen. Later he did it with the help of the government and she becomes a queen.

Fuel price in Norway. The price in gas stations in the north Europe.

In Norway is the most expensive fuel. Norwegians pay about 8 USD per gallon. Norway has large oil reserves, but money is funded in other spheres such as education.

A royal penguin guard Nils Olav.

There is a royal penguin, Nils Olav at the zoo in Edinburgh, who was proclaimed part of the King's Royal Norwegian guard.

Transport in Norway and ticket price.

In 1972, when there was an oil crisis, the King was no problem getting on public transport to get to the ski resort and paying his ticket, during the days when the cars were banned.

Oslo Christmas tree donation.

Every year since 1974 Oslo donates its Christmas tree to Britain as a sign of gratitude for their help during the World War II.

Sushi thanks to Norway. Fish trade between Norway and Japan.

Sushi with salmon exists thanks to Norway. In 1980, during an attempt to expand fish trade, Norway offered Japan the use of salmon to make sushi.

Kids in Norway sleeping outdoor.

Norwegians often let their children sleep outside if the temperatures are below minus 5 degrees while they drink coffee because according to the parents the fresh air raises their health.

The happiest nation in the world - Norwegian.

The Norwegians are one of the happiest nations in the world.

Speed limits in Norway. Car driving in Scandinavia.

In Norway, the penalty for speeding is higher than for the drugs. There you can go to jail if you drive at a speed higher than normal.

Norwegians have 329 medals from the Winter Olympics.

Nobel Prize in Oslo.

Since 1901, the Nobel Prizes have been awarded only in the capital Oslo, Norway.

Drink a coffee in Scandinavia, Norway and Oslo.

Norwegians are one of the biggest coffee consumers. Annual consumption in Norway is 9.9 kg per person.

No alcohol in Norway at the supermarkets.

Only beer and cider are sold in supermarkets. The other types of alcohol are sold in special stores called Vinmonopolet. In the big cities, there are many, but in the small ones, they are 1.

Prison best rooms in the world in Norway.

In 1971 the life sentence was lifted. Now the longest sentence is 21 years.

Skiing invited in Norway by Sondre Norheim.

Skiing is invented in Norway. In the 19th century, Sondre Norheim invented the skis.

Scandinavian national dish is the frozen pizza.

An informal national dish is a frozen pizza. The Norwegians are big fans and consume over 24 million a year

Everyone in Norway who has a television pays a fee that is about 300 USD.