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The name Zanzibar itself is connected with images of romantic spice islands and, like the legendary Timbuktu or Kathmandu, the name itself is almost enough for you to make a trip there.

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For decades it's overlooked by Western capitalism, today Zanzibar is on the verge of development. Wide-range modern airplanes, luxury cruises, and organized tour groups can greatly improve the island economy while destroying its historic fabric: today is the time to visit the labyrinth of narrow streets, curvy passages and ruined houses with overhanging balconies in the Stone Town.

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Arab merchants have built their houses here after gaining wealth by trading gold, ivory, clove, and, most profitable - slaves destined for Arabia and Persia. Zanzibar was once the largest slaves market on the east coast of Africa. Today, a 19th-century African church rises to the site of the old slave market, the main altar is built where the infamous pillar has once risen. Elegantly carved wooden gates, some encrusted with brass, are all the luxuries left by the lush shopping malls.

The slave monument in Zanzibar - Stone Town. Slave Market.

A number of these derelict buildings have been saved by American-born entrepreneur Emmersen Skanes along with Thomas Greene and other partners. They have captured the romance of this island, collecting antique artifacts, local carvings, canopy beds, and anti-mosquito nets, which decorate two restored historic hotels - "Emerson and Green" and "Shangani House". Tearooms in the open on the roof and restaurants serve food with a quality that matches the decoration.

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Beyond it stretches the African coast and the Kilimanjaro glaciers, which can be seen on clear days. The newest pearl of the Emerson Hotel chain is the neighboring Sulomis Garden, an asymmetrical Arabic Sultan home on the coast, surrounded by lush gardens and ocean views.

Sultan Palace

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