8 Interesting Facts About Istanbul

Facts about Istanbul. Travel beautiful orient destinations.

Welcome to the pearl of the Orient! At the place where European and Asian winds gather in an irresistible whirlwind of local traditions and Western influence!  Istanbul - the place in which you will fall in love from the first view! The place you will remember all your life!
To immerse you in the atmosphere of the curious historical past of the city, we will tell you 8 interesting facts about Istanbul, which you may not know yet!

1 Istanbul is the only city in the world that spreads over two continents: Asia and Europe

Although the Canakkale area also boasts the presence (albeit a bit) of territory on both continents, Istanbul remains the only city located between the borders of Europe and Asia!

2 Although it`s the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is not the capital of the country

Although not the officially accepted state capital, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey with its more than 13 million people. 99% of them perceive themselves as Muslims.

3 Grand Bazaar is the largest old covered market in the world

The popular covered market in Istanbul - Grand Bazaar is not only the most impressive city market but also the largest covered market all over the world. With over 3 000 stores, the market attracts a huge tourist flow of people who want to take advantage of good quality and affordable local goods.

4 The tulips originate not from the Netherlands but from Istanbul

Although we all connect the Netherlands with its most striking symbol - the tulips, the truth is that these beautiful flowers were born in Istanbul. They are brought to the Netherlands and, with the time, become their most popular national symbol.

5 Agatha Christie writes "Murder on the Orient Express " in Istanbul

Another interesting fact on our list is that British author Agatha Christie writes her emblematic novel "Murder on the Orient Express " at Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul.

6 Istanbul Metro is the third oldest in the world

The Istanbul Metro opened in 1875, making it the third-highest ranking in the world's oldest metro stations. It is 573 meters long and is located in the Beyoglu district.

 7 Istanbul has never hosted the Olympics

Although the largest Turkish city was declared the European Capital of Culture in 2010, Istanbul has never been the official host of the Olympic Games.

8 Istanbul was built on seven hills to coincide with the seven hills of Rome

Istanbul is also known as Constantinople, thanks to the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. It is built on seven rising hills to remind of the popular seven hills of Rome.