11 Remarkable Places That Inspired Disney

Disney movies are full of fabulous and magical places that look unrealistic, but in fact, the quaint villages, old castles, and enchanted forests are based on very real places that you can also visit if you want to feel like a real king/princess. Check out our gallery with some of the most magical places on our planet. We no longer have the patience to pack our bags and visit them.

1 Beauty and the Beast

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Say a "Bonjour!" to the famous French Alsace, which is famous for its picturesque towns. The oldest preserved version of the Fairytale is written by the French writer Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve, who lived in the 18th century. 
Naturally, the animation producers are looking for a French city for their inspiration. They choose two cities on which to base the birthplace of Bell - Colmar and Eguisheim.

2 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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The Disney's First Princess is based on German fairy tales told by the Grimm Brothers. According to Dr. Karlheinz Bartels's 17-year study, the image of Snow White is based on a real personality - the daughter of Bavarian Prince Philipp Christoph von Erthal - Maria Sofia Margareta Katerina von Erthal, born June 15, 1729. 
She lived in the castle of his father in the Bavarian town of Lohr. In one of the halls today you can see the "talking" mirror, which is an acoustic toy that can answer you if you ask her which one is the most beautiful in the world because her mechanism is preserved. It is supposed that Prince Philipp gave it to his second wife and her mother-in-law Maria. 
"It is easy to assume that the child was unhappy with her stepmother," says Bartels. "And I found that Maria was almost blind. Perhaps the poison apple, about which tells the story of Grimm, was soaked with atropine. It is extracted from the canine grape plant, which grows in the vicinity in abundance", the researcher adds. So you can see Snow White's home in Lohr Castle and walk through the woods of Spessart.

3 Moana

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Director John Musk is inspired by Moana's character from Polynesian myths about the Maui character. To make the animation more fascinating, he has toured many Pacific islands, such as Fiji, Samoa and Tahiti.

4 Pinocchio

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The animation is based on the book Pinocchio Adventures by Carlo Lorenzini, who decide, the action in the movie to be in her mother's hometown, the Italian town of Collodi. He liked so much this place that he began to write his name as Carlo Collodi. And according to the filmmakers, the small houses, narrow cobblestone streets and beautiful Collodi arches are the perfect places for the story of the doll that turns into a boy.

5 Brave

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It is no secret to anyone that the action develops in the Scottish mountains. Disney even registers the Tartan (the specific box of a Scottish clan) of the Merida`s family in the official Scottish register of all Tartans. The home of Merida is the impenetrable Dunnottar castle, which is situated on a beautiful and rocky nose on the northeastern coast of Scotland.

6 Frozen

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At the heart of this animation is Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen", so the Disney team is looking for inspiration in Scandinavian cold lands. The landscape around the hometown of Elsa and Anna is very much like the Norwegian fjords.

7 Cinderella

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There is hardly a more fabulous castle from Neuschwanstein whose name translates to "New Swan Rock". This is the most famous castle of the Bavarian King Ludwig II, who was a connoisseur of art and created many beautiful castles. 

The beauty of Neuschwanstein and the lake beneath it inspire Tchaikovsky to create the ballet "Swan Lake". Later Disney is also captivated by its beauty and transforms it into Cinderella's Castle and into the studio's own logo.

8 Mulan

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The film is inspired by the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, which dates back to the 5th-6th centuries. One of the most memorable places in the film is the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing.

9 The Little Mermaid

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Prince Eric's castle is not actually located near the sea or the ocean but landed on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

10 Aladdin

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It is not very clear where the incredible city of Agrabah is - on the one hand, from the beginning it is singing for "Arabic nights", on the other hand, Jasmine's palace looks very much like the Taj Mahal in India. In fact, the Taj Mahal was built during the Mongol Empire. 

At that time, in the territory of today's India the main religion was Islam, and the architecture was typically Muslim.

11 Tangled

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The high tower where Rapunzel lives is inspired by the French medieval towers. On the other hand, the castle of Rapunzel's parents is inspired by the Abbey of Le Mont-Saint-Michel.